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So I finally found some time to read the latest issue of The Rodder’s Journal #50 and decide to finish up after enjoying three well written editorials, my fav being “Senior Trip”. I can never stop myself from seeing what’s on the next page and I flip through the rest of the issue. Looks like a lot of good stuff in this issue as always. So then I stumble upon the last page and looking at what’s to come in the future issue. Hey, I think I’ve seen that flamed, orange and blue, Ford coupe somewhere! So I read the caption of how it’s linked to the Chrome Plating write up and Jon Wright’s CustomChrome Plating. I got up off the couch and walk to the studio, get on the computer and clicked through my collection of customer photos discovering that I had seen and taken some photos of the very same vehicle while at Squeeg’s Kustoms. I was admiring the flame layout and checking out all the details of this car when I snapped this photo back in January. Can’t wait to read the article in issue #51. It just so happens I renewed my subscription today, go figure!

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