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WWII’s influence on Hot Rodding

I’ve been a big admirer of the generation my grandparents were a part of, those who went to war in World War II. Ever since I was a kid growing up watching actors like John Wayne, all the black and white films about the war, instilled an admiration for those old guys who fought for our freedom. When watching those films you knew who the good guy was and cheered him on because he stood six foot tall and had a weathered, honest, tough look about him. My grandfather was no Robert Mitchum but I admired him just the same because he was there. He did his part like so many who gave a part of their youth to participate in something greater.

So needless to say, bomber and fighter planes have always had an apeal to me and lately while investigating more about the early days of hot rodding and dry lakes raises a question. Which influenced the other in terms of graphics. Those simple numbers, hand painted on the sides of all those modifieds look a lot like the markings and identifying digits of those war birds now don’t they.

Thanks to those who have served, then and now.


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Testing testing one two one two…

This is a test of the emergency posting system. Do not attempt to adjust your screen. I’ve been adjusting my business so I connect with people at a faster more personal level so you are going to witness some additions and slight tweaks to the way things are done here at Poboy Kustoms.

So to keep up with what’s new and give you guys a peek at what’s coming to the store Fall 2011, here’s a shirt design that’s going to print in the next 30 days.


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