Cafe Style

blue Hondster

painted to match farring

I’m perging my facebook site and using the pictures I’ve posted there for some blogging here on First in line is this picture of Brian’s original 78′ Honda KZ200. Well except for the front farring. He wanted a more streamline cafe look to this little go getter so we painted one up for him. The rest of the metal still had original paint work on it and was in great shape for being fourty some years old. So when Brian said let’s do a checkerboard pattern I started imagining the finished product matching the finish of the rest of the bike, as if it came direct from Honda. So with the help of Matt Howard who mixed and sprayed the pearl blue base and finished the clear coat with the exact orange peal as Honda was spraying in the 1970’s, I was able to layout the white checkers and fade them into the blue giving this little motorbike some cool!

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