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Poboy Kustoms is going to SEMA 2015

automotive paint on 1 gallon paint can
7.75″h x 6.5″dia
Paint the Can small
Axalta announce it’s “Paint Outside the Can” contest winners! Submissions were judged on creativity, execution and degree of difficulty.

GLEN MILLS, PA, October 16, 2015 – Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings, is pleased to announce its 2015 Paint Outside the Can contest winners. The contest, which was open to professional auto body painters in Canada and the United States, was an invitation to unleash creativity using any Axalta-branded coating system to paint and decorate an unused, standard one-gallon paint can. Axalta organized the contest, which closed on September 15, 2015, as a focus on fun, creativity and to promote and support its auto body customers’ inner artists.

Industry celebrity judges selected six celebrity picks based on creativity, execution and degree of difficulty. There is a tie for sixth place, resulting in seven celebrity picks. In addition, six “fan favorites” were chosen by fans based on the number of photo “likes” that were posted on Axalta’s Instagram website. Finally, one “best-in-show” grand prize winner was selected from the seven celebrity picks. The winning submissions will travel on tour to custom car shows throughout the United States in 2016. Axalta will also display select submissions at its booth at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association’s (SEMA) Show, as well as at other events. All submissions can be found online at Axalta’s website in addition to Axalta’s social media channels.

The winners are as follows:

Grand Prize Winner – Mike “Splash” Burton, “Paradise Pipeline”

Celebrity Picks – Mike “Splash” Burton, “Paradise Pipeline”

Asher Emerson, “Sakura Temple”

Joe “Frost” Espinoza, “Open at Your Own Risk”

Pat Napolitano, “Tiki Man”

Adam Stone, “The Art of Color”

Travis Wilson, “Music Icons”

Brandon Esparza, “Taste of Candy”

Fan Favorites – Mike “Splash” Burton, “Paradise Pipeline”

Joe “Frost” Espinoza, “Open at Your Own Risk”

Johnathan Mercado, “Lowrider”

Pat Napolitano, “Tiki Man”

Adam Stone, “The Art of Color”

Brandon Esparza, “Taste of Candy”

Axalta’s celebrity judges were:

· Sam Bass, the first officially licensed artist of NASCAR®

· Ron Coan, reality TV star and one of the leading painters in the automotive industry known for show-stopping creations with Mobsteel at SEMA to groundbreaking OEM concept cars

· Danny “Danny D” Galvez, a well-known custom automotive painter and pinstriper

· Paul Quinn, a renowned airbrush and pinstriping artist and instructor in the custom paint industry

· Danny Taylor, a pinstripe master with a 39-year history in custom artistic automotive design

“It’s as much about thinking outside of the box as it is painting outside of the can,” said Quinn. “First and foremost, as a judge for this contest, I am looking at the quality of the artwork. Judging this was a whole lot harder than I expected it would be as the best entries were all of very high quality.”

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Chōjun VIP style Lexus

I’ve had the fortune to adorn another VIP style automobile and I have the car’s owner Ron to thank for trusting me to do my thing and continue with the pinstripe theme we started on his air ride parts. I definitely want to do more of this style and the VIP format is a perfect match. Congrats to Ron for taking “best Air suspension” & 1st place in “4 door import” at Bring the Noise 2015!!



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Forty Years of Flat Out

SoCal of Arizona celebrates it’s 40th year in business!

I know it’s a little late to post this but before the year is over I’d like to say thanks once again to SoCal of Arizona for being such a huge part of Hot Rodding. Frank, Mary and the whole crew at SoCal this one was for you!
It was a gift from the crew to be given to Frank and Mary for everything they do and for Fourty years in business. I’ve also got to give a big thank you to Norm and William of 10th Street Autobody for thinking of me when they needed to get this gift decorated. I’m very grateful and it was truly an honor!

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10 Years of Perfection


Congratulations to my friends and neighbors Matt Howard and Deluxe Customs! 10 years in business!!

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Something Gleams

“A Rachelle Thiewes Retrospective”
I’ve been painting for Rachelle Thiewes since 2010. Kandies, Pearls, flakes and Kameleons, all automotive grade custom paints on jewelry involving many layers of paint and color with multiple clear coatings and polishing. She’s meticulous, has very high standards and has been a wonderful person to work with. For any of you in the El Paso area or maybe traveling through, you need to check out this exhibit at the
Rubin Center for the visual arts, located at:
The University of Texas El Paso
500 W. University Ave
El Paso, TX 79968
Rubin Center Hours
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 10:00am – 5:00pm
Thurs 10:00am – 7:00pm
weekend hours by appointment ph: (915) 747-6151

Something Gleams is a site-specific retrospective of the artist Rachelle Thiewes that celebrates her work in the context of the place it was made. here. in the starkly beautiful landscape that has informed her decades-long study of light. movement. order and chaos.
“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The Little Prince

*catalog available August 1

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Sticker and Logo Designs

F-Bomb wanted a new sticker design based on an old Harley Davidson “Peashooter” motor he was putting together. I shot some photos of the motor as reference for the hand-drawn portion of the sticker design. I also figure while we were at it, I’d just make a clean, simple design so he could use it on anything. More of a logo than just a sticker design. Here’s what we came up with.



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Jin ‘n Juice

I had the pleasure of creating a unique pinstriped design for the hood of this car. This was the very first of the Japanese style, what I now call “Shugoshin”, designs. It’s a subtle hannya inspired piece so watch for it around the 1:45 mark as it jumps out at you. Thanks again to Jin of Kyoei USA!

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Prius Pinstriping and Shugoshin Designs

Another great car featured in this video by Jin of Kyoei USA. A car I decorated with a little “Shugoshin” design accompanied by long stripes down the sides of the 2014 Prius.

Shugoshin designs are sort of amulets of protection, talisman, crests or symbols of status. It pulls from two cultures, Japanese iconography and American Hotrodding and are designed to fit these VIP style cars with restraint and subtlety. The look is very impactful when discovered by the viewer but goes unnoticed from a distant glance.

The car is the second feature in this video starting at the 2:04 mark. Thanks to ACCtv for producing this video!

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Pinstriping “Panel” Art for Sale

In the very near future I’ll be adding more items to the storefront. Pinstripe artwork, stickers, one off shirts and maybe some prints. This piece in particular will be up for grabs so get some scratch together…. first come first serve!


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GNRS 2013

I just attended my third consecutive Grand National Roadster Show and I gotta tell ya, if you haven’t been, start making plans to attend next year because it’s one hell of a show. This was its 64th year and I was more than happy to be there even when the rain washed out the cruise in portion of the show which happens on Saturday/Sunday. Previous years I had gone as a spectator and when I started thinking of making the trip this year I discovered that East Coast Artie was now directing the pin-striping charity portion of the show and that some expenses were paid to help pinstripers attend and partake in the event. I have had the pleasure of meeting Artie at SEMA years past and sent him an email asking if there was still room for another striper and lucky me, there was!
I’ll finish this up by saying everyone I encountered and met at the show were a swell bunch of guys and galls! So here are some of the pics I thought turned out well enough to edit and post, not a lot, just enough to wet your whistle and make me plan a little better for next years show so I can spend a little more time looking at cars and still do a bunch of striping!




























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