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Airbrushing skulls


Testing out my updated wordpress app and decided to show you what I’ve been up to today. This is in the second stage of about five layers that I’ll do to achieve a more painterly look with a lot of depth. If you would like to see more of this behind the scenes stuff, just friend me on Facebook. I’m posting step by step photos of this job on there and more projects and happenings that never make it onto this site.

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Stumbling Upon

So I finally found some time to read the latest issue of The Rodder’s Journal #50 and decide to finish up after enjoying three well written editorials, my fav being “Senior Trip”. I can never stop myself from seeing what’s on the next page and I flip through the rest of the issue. Looks like a lot of good stuff in this issue as always. So then I stumble upon the last page and looking at what’s to come in the future issue. Hey, I think I’ve seen that flamed, orange and blue, Ford coupe somewhere! So I read the caption of how it’s linked to the Chrome Plating write up and Jon Wright’s CustomChrome Plating. I got up off the couch and walk to the studio, get on the computer and clicked through my collection of customer photos discovering that I had seen and taken some photos of the very same vehicle while at Squeeg’s Kustoms. I was admiring the flame layout and checking out all the details of this car when I snapped this photo back in January. Can’t wait to read the article in issue #51. It just so happens I renewed my subscription today, go figure!

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