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Changing colors

This 1959 Chevy pickup show up and the customer says he needs to get rid of the blue lettering, “it needs to be a different color”. He hates the blue and wants all the colors to be on the warm side. Oh ya and make sure to match the “aged” lettering technique that the other sign painter used. This truck is from Colorado and that’s were the lettering was done originally, Not by me. But now it’s my responsibility for fixing the issue with the wrong color choice. So I says “sure thing!” Here’s a set of photos to show the steps I took. I was able to removed the blue lettering completely before re-lettering the “custom machining” in brown. Fun job! And quick!







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GNRS 2013

I just attended my third consecutive Grand National Roadster Show and I gotta tell ya, if you haven’t been, start making plans to attend next year because it’s one hell of a show. This was its 64th year and I was more than happy to be there even when the rain washed out the cruise in portion of the show which happens on Saturday/Sunday. Previous years I had gone as a spectator and when I started thinking of making the trip this year I discovered that East Coast Artie was now directing the pin-striping charity portion of the show and that some expenses were paid to help pinstripers attend and partake in the event. I have had the pleasure of meeting Artie at SEMA years past and sent him an email asking if there was still room for another striper and lucky me, there was!
I’ll finish this up by saying everyone I encountered and met at the show were a swell bunch of guys and galls! So here are some of the pics I thought turned out well enough to edit and post, not a lot, just enough to wet your whistle and make me plan a little better for next years show so I can spend a little more time looking at cars and still do a bunch of striping!




























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The art of show cards


I really enjoy doing these (this one’s a hand painted show sign that I painted on acrylic) and hope more people start to see the craft that it takes to make one of these. Looks a million times better than that printed vinyl crap you see to much of these days. The Grand National Roadster Show is coming up at the end of this month and if you get a chance to go to this wonderful event take the time and check out all the signs. Most are hand painted and lettered with the exception of the background color which is usually sprayed. You can bet you’re at a quality event when you don’t see many new sign shop tricks with print media and cut vinyl letters. Help keep the art alive and commission one for your Classic or Hotrod. All I need are pictures of the vehicle, specs, and who you want to commend on the build. I also ship worldwide so there’s no reason you can’t have one of these done by me. 3-4 week turnarounds.

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Frenchy’s “Hot Rod Lincoln”

I never get tired of seeing Frenchy’s 1932 ford. Mostly cause it boasts a Lincoln V 12 and has some great detail work. I also had the pleasure of painting a couple pin-ups on it last year and a whole bunch of pinstriping before that. It even has a little bit of hand lettering. I was going through my pictures the other day and ran across this one i shot of So-Cal Speed Shop’s founder, Alex Xydias sitting in the drivers seat and decided I should share it with you. This was taken last year in front of So Cal Speed Shop of Arizona here in Phoenix.


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WWII’s influence on Hot Rodding

I’ve been a big admirer of the generation my grandparents were a part of, those who went to war in World War II. Ever since I was a kid growing up watching actors like John Wayne, all the black and white films about the war, instilled an admiration for those old guys who fought for our freedom. When watching those films you knew who the good guy was and cheered him on because he stood six foot tall and had a weathered, honest, tough look about him. My grandfather was no Robert Mitchum but I admired him just the same because he was there. He did his part like so many who gave a part of their youth to participate in something greater.

So needless to say, bomber and fighter planes have always had an apeal to me and lately while investigating more about the early days of hot rodding and dry lakes raises a question. Which influenced the other in terms of graphics. Those simple numbers, hand painted on the sides of all those modifieds look a lot like the markings and identifying digits of those war birds now don’t they.

Thanks to those who have served, then and now.


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Stumbling Upon

So I finally found some time to read the latest issue of The Rodder’s Journal #50 and decide to finish up after enjoying three well written editorials, my fav being “Senior Trip”. I can never stop myself from seeing what’s on the next page and I flip through the rest of the issue. Looks like a lot of good stuff in this issue as always. So then I stumble upon the last page and looking at what’s to come in the future issue. Hey, I think I’ve seen that flamed, orange and blue, Ford coupe somewhere! So I read the caption of how it’s linked to the Chrome Plating write up and Jon Wright’s CustomChrome Plating. I got up off the couch and walk to the studio, get on the computer and clicked through my collection of customer photos discovering that I had seen and taken some photos of the very same vehicle while at Squeeg’s Kustoms. I was admiring the flame layout and checking out all the details of this car when I snapped this photo back in January. Can’t wait to read the article in issue #51. It just so happens I renewed my subscription today, go figure!

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Show Stoppers

At the beginning of January I was contacted by Joe Proski, Owner of the Mer Low 1950 Mercury coupe.   It was to be on display at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA at the end of the month and Joe needed a new show sign considering Squeeg’s Kustoms had recently given the car a complete makeover.  Here’s the sign sitting next to the car just days before the show.

And while we are on the subject of the GNRS, Daryl Wolfswinkel’s 1934 Ford Roadster, built by Squeeg’s Kustoms, won the AMBR award or America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award.  Congratulations guys!

Mer Low

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Striping the night away.

Once in awhile you get a customer that you just can’t put off and you do what it takes to get the job done. This ’52 Buick was one of those jobs. The owner was heading to the 2010 Mooneyes show and we both agreed it would look it’s best showing up with some fresh lines. Finishing up after the sun had set I was extremely pleased with the way it all turned out. This car also sports the first 2011 “Poboy” signature logo on the trunk.

Satin 52 Buick

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History of Hot Rodding

I was invited by SO-CAL of Arizona to attend a slide-show and commentary on hot rodding and the history of  the SO-CAL Speed Shop presented by Alex Xydias and Pete Chapouris. If you don’t know who these guys are, Look ’em up!  All of us  invited were pleasantly surprised when Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top showed up in the middle of the presentation with his wife.  Being a hot rodder himself, he’s had quite a history and friendship with Pete and Alex over the years.   All in all it was a great night and something I’ll never forget.   Here’s a shot from that night.
Friday night So-Cal event

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