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The whole dyna

The power of simplicity is not an easy thing to accomplish. Only time, dedication and a big learning curve will get you there. Make mistakes. Take risks and only seek advice from those you admire, those that have followed the curve.

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the Hellfire pinstripe

Any helmet, Any color, One Size

Contact through email about shipping……



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To stripe or not to stripe….




There’s a time that comes when someone inevitably passes on the option of pinstriping. This is, in most cases, a mistake. It just looks better! It’s because it adds a level beyond being to simple and not simple-good, I’m talking amatuer simple. Pinstripes add a level of complexity that the job needs in order to look complete, finished and intentional. Now, deciding on the color of pinstriping is another decision and topic for another day.

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I’ll have a booth set up with art for sale and live pinstriping this Friday evening in front of Lulubell Toy Bodega in Mesa, Arizona. The flier has all the details! See you there!!live pinstriping

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From Russia with Love

This was a fun project to work on considering I can’t read or write, to my knowledge, the Russian that I painted on it. Trusting the client to come up with the sayings and words to be painted on this Shark helmet was a must. I then had to research the spellings and convert the letters into a block style font that I could create by hand. Everything was done in a very traditional manner of laying out the design and painting by hand with lettering brushes except for the front and rear designs that utilize negative space. Those were done using a stencil technique.


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Bold Statement

What a difference a simple pinstripe can make! Just make sure you know the correct placement, color and thickness of stripe to paint. Subtle changes in these elements can make BIG differences in the appearance for better or more often worse, changing the whole impact of your project.
Scott brought me this Suzuki tank from his cafe racer that he recently dressed up with paint and was looking for something simple. This is what he got!
Cost: Minimum charge of $80





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Orange Muscle

When Josh sold/traded his bare metal xs650 for this ’91 FXR he went with a very different look. Clean and Simple! It’s got that muscle car look to it so when he called me up for some pinstriping, this time around, he wanted the less is more treatment. Just an accent kind of thing. I could see the look he was wanting to accomplish and this is what we came up with. He brought me the tins right after he had them sprayed orange and clear coated so I laid out the black stripes in 1Shot, called him when they were dry and that’s all she wrote. Till the next one!

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Cafe Style

blue Hondster

painted to match farring

I’m perging my facebook site and using the pictures I’ve posted there for some blogging here on First in line is this picture of Brian’s original 78′ Honda KZ200. Well except for the front farring. He wanted a more streamline cafe look to this little go getter so we painted one up for him. The rest of the metal still had original paint work on it and was in great shape for being fourty some years old. So when Brian said let’s do a checkerboard pattern I started imagining the finished product matching the finish of the rest of the bike, as if it came direct from Honda. So with the help of Matt Howard who mixed and sprayed the pearl blue base and finished the clear coat with the exact orange peal as Honda was spraying in the 1970’s, I was able to layout the white checkers and fade them into the blue giving this little motorbike some cool!

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